Thornewood Castle

Renovations: Restored Great Hall


Here is the "Great Hall" before we started. It had been split into several rooms for an apartment. This was the living room part.

This is the same original room with the furniture removed. Note the size of the fireplace.

This is the same room, from about the same point of view, with the walls and false ceiling taken out and the floor covered. Note how the original fireplace had been bricked in and made much smaller.

Now the fireplace has been opened back to its huge original size, the hardwood floor replaced and batten strips added to the walls, ready for the new paneling.

Here is the great hall while under construction during the day....

Construction continued almost around the clock, in order to meet the movie deadline.

The giant fireplace mantel was reconstructed in place.

A new limestone hearth was cut and installed to match the original.

All 7,000 new dowel holes were filled, puttied and sanded.

Finishing touches are made on the new reconstructed cove moldings.

Several coats of stain and finish were applied, some by hand.

The new mantel being stained.

Here is the restored Great Hall, before furniture is added.

Our furniture is now starting to be added.