Thornewood Castle

Renovations: New Floor

The 90 year old hardwood floor had been patched many times, some places with vinyl floors glued on top and was damaged in many places. It was decided it would be better to replace the entire floor rather than try to repair the many places needing repair. It was also impossible to obtain new 3/4" T&G oak in the original 2" width. Everything today is 2 1/4" wide. Here was the process:

The first step was to pry up the old floor. It was a beautiful floor of tiger ("quarter sawn") oak of long lengths. The original nails used are no longer made, being the foundry-cast spikes. We have saved some for you to look at.

One of many piles of old floor, making a huge pile in total. Almost 4,000 square feet of old floor was removed.

Some wooden "sleepers" or 2x3's were replaced, cemented in and leveled. These are what the old floor is nailed to. The sub floor is solid concrete in the Castle. These wood strips are then cemented in.

The new floor was laid, occasionally needing to cut out old obstacles.

The new floor was then sanded (rough and finish).

The edges were sanded, where the larger machines could not reach.

The floor was then hand stained.

Several coats of finish were added and allowed to dry.