Map & Directions


  1. Take I-5 to the Thorne Lane exit (Exit #123 ) just south of Tacoma, Washington. Turn west on Thorne Lane. Go three-tenths of a mile. Watch 25 mile speed limit. Turn right on the first street to the right (Thorne Lane).
  2. Immediately after turning right off Thorne Lane (3/10 mile from I-5) you will see this gate into Thornewood Estates. Drive up to the entry phone on the left.
  3. Enter 023 on the key pad. We will answer and buzz the gate to open. (If you forget the code number to enter,  it is shown on the call box, or just scroll the A-Z keys down until you see "Thornewood Castle".
  4. Enter into Thornewood Estates, follow the private road around to the 5th driveway on your right until you come to this small sign on your right (about 1 block).  Turn right down this driveway.

Please Schedule Your Visit

Please do not come without an appointment or reservation (unless you are on the invited guest list to a scheduled function). We apologize but as a private residence we need to space out our visitors, otherwise we receive too many “walk up” requests to give adequate attention to our current guests. We simply do not have the time or staff to handle unexpected visitors or to “preview” the rooms or B&B Suites before booking. We are also trying to be considerate of our neighbors regarding traffic.

Approximate driving times (assuming no traffic jams or accidents):

  • Downtown Seattle 45 minutes (43 miles)
  • Seattle/Tacoma Airport 35 minutes (30 miles)
  • Downtown Tacoma 15 minutes (12 miles)
  • Downtown Olympia 20 minutes (14 miles)
  • Pacific Lutheran University 13 minutes (8 miles)