Thornewood Castle

Renovations: Ceiling Moldings



Some of the original ceiling moldings had been damaged over the last 90 years and needed to be restored. The first step was to mask off an original good area to be duplicated.

A special rubber compound is mixed up and quickly painted over the molding. Cheese cloth is then laid into the rubber for additional strength.

Multiple layers of the rubber compound are added by hand.

A support and frame is built to hold the mold, both while it cures and for the future to hold the mold when it will be used to cast the new molds.

After the mold has cured, it is carefully peeled off the ceiling. The original molding is not damaged and the new mold is a perfect reverse image.

The new rubber mold is then inspected and is now ready to be used to cast new duplicate moldings.

The above molds were used to create these castings, seen here lying on the floor, ready to be installed.

The new castings are then installed to perfectly match.