Thornewood Castle

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer

Thornewood Castle was used as the filming location for a made-for-television movie based on the book by Ridley Pearson, 'The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red."

Thornewood Castle again starred as haunted mansion "Rose Red" and was the set where most of the filming was done for this movie (the scene pictured below was filmed in our Great Hall).

Seance scene filmed in the Great Hall

Our private photo albums of the shooting and how the movie was made are available for your viewing, while you are a guest here at Thornewood Castle. You can also watch the DVD of this movie, in surround sound, in your room, or on our big screen TV, right on location, where it was filmed!

About the Film (From the ABC Television Press Release)

This prequel to the hit miniseries Stephen King's Rose Red follows the story of the twisted marriage of matriarch Ellen Rimbauer to the promiscuous early 20th-Century industrialist, John Rimbauer, and the haunted beginnings of an enormous Seattle mansion that has come to life.

Based on the best-selling novel by Ridley Pearson, passages of the diary track a series of deadly encounters surrounding the Rose Red estate that transform Ellen Rimbauer (Brenner) from the innocent and submissive wife of a wealthy industrialist (Brand) into a woman possessed by the dark forces inhabiting her home. Stephen King and Mark Carliner are the executive producers, Thomas Brodek is the producer.

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We can share our private photos and our experiences of movie making at our home.
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