Interesting Trivia

How many rooms are in Thornewood? How many stained glass windows? What interesting artifacts lie in the basement? This castle contains many secrets...

  • Two presidents have stayed at Thornewood Castle.
  • Two films and one mini-series have featured Thornewood Castle...including one Oscar Winner
  • The brick on the castle was taken from another castle in Wales 100 years ago and shipped to Washington State to be reconstructed.
  • The castle's front doors are 500 years old.
  • There are 54 rooms inside the castle, including 22 bedrooms and 22 baths.
  • We have 10 bed and breakfast suites inside the castle and 3 vacation rental apartments adjoining the castle.
  • Over 100 pieces of stained glass, salvaged from 15th & 16th-century churches, can be found throughout the castle.
  • The Olmsted Brothers, who designed Thornewood's sunken English garden were also well-known for designing Central Park and Prospect Park in New York.
  • More coming soon...