Thornewood Castle

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Catering Options


We allow your choice of caterers, subject to their meeting all health code requirements (and we haven’t had prior bad experiences with them).

We also do NOT charge your caterer the customary 10-15% (or more) percentage of their catering contract with you.

We can recommend some caterers to you, if you would like references. Your caterer will need to provide their food service tables and any other tables required (we can also rent you and set up these extra tables for a small extra fee).

You may also provide your own food and beverage if you wish. Food must be prepared off site and only "finished" or assembled on site.


We do permit you to bring your own alcohol with a $10 state banquet permit. We do not permit keg beer or hard liquor.

We do require an alcohol server (i.e. no self-service of alcohol). We can recommend some sources of bartenders, if needed.

Alcohol service must end one hour before your event scheduled end-time.

Alcohol may also be catered-in by any business licensed by the State to serve in such a manner.

We will require a copy of the state banquet permit in advance.