Thornewood Castle

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Special Events & Tours

Thornewood Castle has occasional hosted special events than can be open to the public. Candlelight tours, afternoon teas, and tours are some upcoming future events.

Castle & Garden Tour Only

  • Occasionally, there is a hosted Castle & Garden tour. By pre-paid reservations only. Please call Thornewood at 253-584-4393 or e-mail for more information.


Candle Light Castle Tour

What is it really like in the quiet hours of Thornewood? To experience Thornewood you need some quiet time. Usually evening is the best, says the lady of the house or other guests. Your hostess Deanna Robinson will personally share the stories of Thornewood and walk you through the corridors and rooms of her home (even the seldom-seen tunnels of the basement and the "wish bone" sticks). A walk in the garden, described as a Fairy Mound by some, is also included in the early evening hours. What you will see or hear is unknown. Nothing is guaranteed but for those with curiosity, the spirit of adventure calls.

An overnight room booking required in addition to Tour booking. Guests of overnight guests may book the Candlelight Tour. Candlelight Tour is $100.00 per guest plus tax. Please call Thornewood Castle 253-584-4393 for further information.

Castle & Garden Tour with High Tea

We, at Thornewood Castle, cordially invite you to join us for a hosted Castle/Garden Tour accompanied by High Tea and to momentarily set aside the mundane and the ordinary and give grace and charm to the course of your afternoon. We promise that the atmosphere at Thornewood will wrap you in warmth and comfort leaving you perfectly content with yourself and each other having transported you back to a gentler time.

Holiday Tour