Thornewood Castle


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Indoor or Outdoor
Destination Wedding Venue

Thornewood Castle is both an indoor and outdoor destination wedding venue. Weddings and receptions at Thornewood Castle can take place outdoors in our sunken English garden, inside in the Great Hall and Ballroom, or out on the grounds for a wedding overlooking the lake.

We can accommodate guests indoors or outdoors. If you are planning an outdoor wedding in the Seattle/Tacoma area, you should consider having a contingency plan for unexpected rain or overcast weather. If it rains, we can move your outdoor wedding into our Great Hall in less than fifteen minutes.

Our most common wedding event is the combined ceremony and reception, but we can accommodate just the ceremony and/or just the reception. Your wedding will be a very important and special day in your life, and we will customize your event to your wishes.

Outdoor Garden Weddings or Waterfront Weddings

If you want an amazing garden wedding, we can set up your big day on the steps in our "secret" garden, surrounded by antique brickwork, sculpture and fountains, and huge bursts of flowers. Or, if you prefer a waterfront location, you can get married on the immaculate lawns overlooking American Lake. Receptions can be set up on the grounds next to the Loggia (a covered porch) or inside in the ballroom.

Indoor Weddings in the Great Hall

There is nothing comparable to a wedding in the Thornewood Great Hall. The Great Hall features an oversized sandstone fireplace a mantel of ornate dark oak, glowing wood floors and paneling, a high victorian sculpted ceiling, and huge Tudor windows overlooking the fountain. There is nothing more beautiful than a bride descending the grand staircase into the Great Hall! Also, our Christmas decorations make Thornewood an exceptionally beautiful choice for indoor winter weddings.

Gorgeous Wedding Photos

Couples who wed at Thornewood will have opportunities for amazing wedding photos with the castle and the grounds as a backdrop. The dressing suite, the stairs, the gardens, the fountains and sculptures, the brick, the architecture, the fireplace, the windows, the lakeside...the options for timeless wedding photographs are endless at Thornewood.

Flexibility and Personal Attention on Your Big Day

Thornewood only hosts one wedding on a given day, so you can be sure that we can accommodate your wishes for your wedding day. No matter the weather, you will have an easy "Plan B" at Thornewood.

We have the space to accommodate a wide variety of requests. Limousine parking, a horse and carriage, helicopter landings, sea plane, fireworks over the lake - we have had them all.

Our castle staff will handle the setup of both your wedding and reception tables and chairs that we provide and answer questions and provide any assistance needed as related to use of Thornewood Castle.

We also provide many non-standard amenities as part of our wedding package, so you save money and have less to worry about when planning your big day. This includes onsite parking, tables and chairs (and the labor to set up tables and chairs provided by Thornewood), a professional sound system in the Great Hall, projection screen if needed in the Ballroom, and even linens and centerpieces if you'd like. Many brides find that minimal or no additional decorations are needed at Thornewood Castle, though you are of course free to have additional decorations if you wish. We can discuss these details with you further.

We just want your wedding to be as beautiful, special and stress-free as possible!