Interesting Trivia

How many rooms are in Thornewood? Where did the stained glass come from? What interesting artifacts lie in the basement? This castle contains many secrets...

  • Two presidents have stayed at Thornewood Castle.

  • Three films and one mini-series have filmed at Thornewood Castle...including one Oscar Winner

  • The brick on the Castle was taken from a mansion in Wales 100 years ago and shipped to Washington State to be used in the initial construction.

  • The front doors to the Castle are 500 years old.

  • There are 54 rooms inside the castle, including 22 bedrooms and 22 baths.

  • We have 9 bed and breakfast suites inside the Castle and 2 vacation rental apartments in an adjoining addition.

  • Over 100 pieces of stained glass, salvaged from 15th & 16th-century European churches, can be found throughout the Castle.

  • The Olmsted Brothers, who designed Thornewood's sunken English garden, were pioneers in one of America’s first professional landscape architect firms, and joined the business after their father helped design Central Park and Prospect Park in New York City .

  • More coming soon...