Stephen King’s Rose Red

ABC filmed the original Stephen King television mini-series Rose Red here at Thornewood Castle.

Restoration, construction, and filming for the project took place over the course of six months here at Thornewood during the last half of 2000. Some other nearby locations in the Seattle area were also utilized for filming.

The mini-series first aired on January 27th, 28th and 31st, 2002, on ABC. We always have a copy of the DVD available for our overnight guests! The script was the first project that Stephen King completed after his tragic accident.


How was Thornewood cast as Stephen King's Rose Red?

Images of our home were used for the mini series promo and DVD cover.

Images of our home were used for the mini series promo and DVD cover.

Not apparent at first, the house “Rose Red” (i.e. Thornewood Castle) turns out to be the main character in the movie. (Many trailers called Rose Red the "house with feelings".) ABC selected Thornewood Castle out of location proposals from 30 states and Canada. It matched almost identically all the major characteristics of the house in the Stephen King’s script (age, style, size, etc.). We have collected lots of fascinating movie memorabilia (scripts, shooting schedules, before-during-after photographs, and of course the new house and grounds) to share with future guests. You can sleep, or dine and socialize, in some of the same rooms filmed in the movie.