Comments from Our Guests

“Little did I know this glorious place would be ours for a night. The sunken garden is beautiful. We picnicked there last night. This suite is so beautiful! Breakfast was spectacular- even my picky husband liked it! We really needed this night away.  Two words encompass all that we have experienced here—Utterly Sated!" —Karen & Brian M.


“My Husband and I spent our first night together here in Anna's Suite. You could not find a more perfect setting for a romantic wedding night. Thank you for a wonderful start to a long life together!" —LouAnn & Eric S.


“Two days ago, we entered Thornewood and it’s enchantment. As I slept, I had magnificent dreams of years gone past. Thornewood has a great history and unending warmth, romance and charm. These two days were a respite for both Doug and I. As we leave today we go back to the real world, now we have a place to hide and enjoy romantic times together."


“Without a doubt the most beautiful, romantic place on earth. What a wonderful retreat. Our 6th anniversary was splendid. Thank you for reminding us what a wonderful marriage we have and making us feel brand new. I will tell everyone I know about this place and the beauty it offers. Thank You! See You Next Year!" —Tim & Jessica L.


“This was in celebration of our 20th Wedding Anniversary. The romance of the castle and rooms is enchanting. Every detail is meticulously exquisite. The garden, even in the winter is magical and breathes life into all who enter its gates. This place truly is one of the world’s best places to kiss. Thank you for your gift of hospitality and for saving this place for others to enjoy. God Bless." —Ed & Shelly B.


“This is the type of gorgeous, artistic, comfortable home that we’ve dreamed of living in! What a wonderful retreat from modern life. Our room was perfect and the food was “out of this world”. Many thanks for providing us with such an enchanting atmosphere. Thanks!" —Joe & Christina M.


“Being the parents of two children under the ages of two, this was a long awaited break. I actually got to finish a whole cup of “hot” tea. What a treat! My husband and I love history we couldn’t have picked a better place to enjoy the “past”, enjoy our “present” love for each other and celebrate our 'future' together. We wished this dream could last forever." —Chris & David R.


“Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and delicious breakfast. This has been a beautiful start to a lifelong honeymoon. We watched a gorgeous sunset and ate breakfast on the patio overlooking the secret garden. Dreamy! We’ll be back next year for our 1-year anniversary. Thank you again." —William & Wendy B.


“This is the most beautiful place we’ve ever had the privilege of staying in and with such a history to it as well! Thanks for the hospitality and the stories. We had a wonderful anniversary." — Brett & Sarah R.